The Dream Is Free. The Hustle Is Sold Separately

Anybody can have a dream. But my goodness, the amount of effort that needs to be made and the workload that to needs to be done need to be there! If either of those two components are lacking, the dream will simply remain just a dream. it will definitely not transform into anything real other than an idea thought up. Because let me tell you, the struggle is real! Take it from me, a new entrepreneur....a momtrepreneur with a six year old and four year twins in tow...who decided to after this little dream of hers and then bring it into fruition not too long ago, can strongly attest that the hustle is what will determine whether a business succeeds or not. The level of hustle put forth will dictate how prosperous a person and their business can be. Much respect to fellow entrepreneurs who have been hustling for years! Because this rookie over here is definitely working on it. And I have just gotten started.

The "want-to-factor" needs to be there. How badly do you want it? How long are you going to keep dreaming? I decided this year that I did not want to continue dreaming any further. I did not want to return to my old career with its rigorous hours because I did not want to take time away fro my girls. I had grown so accustomed to the flexibility while staying at home with them that I did not want to sacrifice it. I wanted to be there for my girls and husband. Any any time. Every time. No permission needed by an employer.

I wanted to work towards something that did not feel like work. And then later on share what I built with my daughters. I believe I was able to find the best of both worlds..."working" on a passion of mine and doing it on my own terms. It is happening now. I still cannot believe it. All of this simply from a dream I have had long ago to start a boutique.

The dream is free, but that hustle is everything!

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